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Changing the Narrative

There is an utterly maddening way a narcissist can manipulate any fact, opinion, or situation to their advantage regardless of actuality. You’ve surely noticed this in an argument, and if you’re at an introspective stage of healing, I recommend you consider other times it occurred in less transparent ways. A narcissist’s reality is not reality, and… Continue reading Changing the Narrative


Rediscovering the blue sky

We’ve covered the numerous heavy feelings that accompany a victim’s involvement with a narcissist. Since it’s well established that narcissists cannot maintain long-term relationships, chances are high that at some point, the narcissist will no longer be a significant part of your life. What can you expect to feel once that happens? While thoughts and… Continue reading Rediscovering the blue sky


Signs you might be battling a narcissist

The lists of narcissistic personality traits are long and readily available with a simple Google search, and you can easily pore over those lists and note whether or not your narcissist has all or some of those qualities. The DSM-5 has more detailed diagnostic criteria for professionals to utilize when making an assessment or diagnosis.… Continue reading Signs you might be battling a narcissist