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States of Mind

wise mind

This graphic (there are several variations of it, but they’re all similar), provides a visual aid for us to check where our mental state is when we react to a stressor or stimuli. In traditional psychology, it’s used in DBT and less frequently, CBT, for those with Borderline Personality Disorder and even the suicidal population, but I think it’s entirely under-utilized altogether. We all get our buttons pushed, and if you encounter difficult people (high-five to anyone who doesn’t have a single difficult person to deal with), being aware of your state of mind in order to control not only your reaction, but also your perception, is a valuable tool.

Look at the graphic. How do you usually interpret a challenging situation? Emotionally? Rationally? Both? If you lean more towards one side than the other, do you ever find that to be problematic, or does it work for you? If you’re checking out this blog, you’re probably in, or recovering from, a relationship with a high-conflict individual with some form of Cluster B personality disorder. Retraining your brain to remain calm and wise, while not losing sight of truth and reality, and firmly knowing who you are and what you stand for will put you on the surest path to recovery. You can do this, and there is a vast network of help. Always feel free to contact me privately to put you in touch with an online support group of your choice, or find a local in-person support group or counselor in your area if you feel you need real-time support.


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