About Krysten Swihart

Greetings! A few bits of information seems appropriate, so here I am. As the wife of an incredible man, step-mom to three stellar boys, and mommy to a redheaded bundle of boy, I have a very full heart. We have two rescue dogs, Oscar and Bella, who add even more love, happiness, and chaos to the family. I graduated with a 4-year degree in Sociology/Anthropology, minored in Psychology, with a couple of other two-year degrees that include education in law, world religions, and science (because, you know. Science). I love most topics relating to criminology, behaviorism, ethics, and pop-culture, but if you start speaking chemistry or technology, you may be met with a blank stare. Horseback riding is my favorite thing to do, I love creative endeavors such as repurposing/refurbishing old furniture,  adore the theatre (Les Miserables, anyone?) and despite many years spent in ballet classes, I am absurdly uncoordinated.


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